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A Welcome Message from the Office of the Registrar

The Classrooms WebViewer provides a web-based calendar view of class assignments and one-time events. Users can search to view information about classes, events, and spaces. The Classrooms WebViewer is a web component of Resource 25, a scheduling system that the Office of the Registrar uses to schedule classes and one-time events. Resource 25 interfaces with the schedule of classes in the Academic Information System (AIS).

The Classrooms WebViewer displays two types of classrooms: general assignment and non-general assignment.

General Assignment:

The Registrar’s Office controls the assignment of classes and events of general assignment spaces.

Non-general Assignment:

The Registrar’s Office does not assign non-general assignment spaces. Departments and Colleges provide information on the classes that are held in these spaces.

At this time, you cannot request rooms directly through the Classrooms WebViewer; however an online room-request form is a planned enhancement.

To Request Rooms for Class Changes:

Contact the course-sponsoring department or college for changes and/or additions.

To Request Rooms for One-Time Events:

All one-time events need to be sponsored by a department or unit on campus. In general, one-time events are not scheduled during the quarter until all classroom assignments are complete (2-3 weeks into the quarter). Student organizations who wish to reserve classroom space should contact the SOAR office first.

* Classroom Scheduling during the summer is handled by the Conference Office and the Summer Session Office.

Note: Information is refreshed twice daily at 12pm and 5pm. There are known issues using the WebViewer in Internet Explorer 6 & 7. The vendor recommends using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 8.

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